Virginia State Bluegrass Contest

2017 Virginia State Champions - A Cut Above from Bedford, Virginia



The Virginia state bluegrass contest has been held every year since 1977. Musicians and bands from all around Virginia have come to show their skills. Each year, a state champion is chosen for each category;

  • junior entertainer (15 and under, multi-instruments)
  • mandolin
  • guitar
  • banjo
  • stand-up bass
  • fiddle
  • female vocalist
  • male vocalist
  • miscellaneous (dulcimer, dobro, auto-harp)
  • band competition

Judges are professional musicians or music icons in Virginia. 

Each individual performer plays one song, and can be accompanied by one person, unless they are onstage with their band already. The song should be no longer than three minutes long. 

Each band will perform two songs, and are judged on their individual, as well as group skill/sound. Vocal and instrumental skills are judged. 

Band can Pre-Register (and pre-pay) before August 15 to pick a time slot! First come first serve basis. 

First place individual categories win a trophy, and $50. Second and third place is awarded in each category, and receives a trophy as well.

First place band winner get's $1,000 (and agrees to play at the Jumpin' Bluegrass festival the following year!) Second place gets $500 and third place gets $250. 

Play no original songs; public domain or common tunes only. Each individual can compete in three categories, including the band category. 

Any questions or forms can be sent to Josh Grigsby at Registration can be prior to noon (12pm) the day of. 

Click here for forms or full list of rules